Pete Waterman fears for stars health

Pop impresario Pete Waterman has warned Michael Jackson that his health may stop him fulfilling his residency at London's enormous O2 Arena.

Michael Jackson is down on his luck, but reports indicate he could be set to re-ignite his career with a stunning residency at the O2 Arena.

Jackson is scheduled to hold a meeting at the venue today (March 5th) and some commentators have hinted he could play anything up to 50 nights at the venue. Fellow American singer Prince holds the record for the longest residency at the venue - a staggering 21 nights.

However British pop producer Pete Waterman has warned the star that his health may not be up to the challenges of the residency. "That's gonna be the problem Michael's gonna have, exactly that," he told BBC Radio 4.

"He hasn't done it for so long and the reports are he wants to do 50 nights. Well, I should get your tickets early because he probably won't make 12. I would have thought - seriously - that's the problem."

Michael Jackson's health has been the subject of much speculation over the past few months. Reports indicated he had contracted an MRSA type bug, which his management denied.

If Jackson managed to pull off the residency, and spark new life into his career, it would surely stand as one of the greatest pop moments of all time.

Michael Jackson will make his announcement today (March 5th) at 4pm.

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