New Film On Guitar Heroes

Put down your Wii, here come some real life guitar heroes - a new documentary starring Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page is set to get its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival next month.

Directed by David Guggenheim, "It Might Be Loud" follows the development of the three guitarists as they began to experiment with their own unique sound. Following a conversation between the three of them, the film diverges into tangents to explain more about the influences, and the guitarists own career.

Containing wonderful footage of the musicians in conversation, the film will also focus on what inspires them to keep writing and playing their instrument. The film is littered with new music from each musician, and features scenes in London, Nashville and Dublin.

Each guitar player cites their main influences, discussing such albums as "Never Mind The Bollocks" by The Sex Pistols (a choice of The Edge) to Flat Duo Jets "Go Go Harlem Baby" which captured the mind of Jack White.

There is currently no UK release date for "It Might Be Loud".

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