'Heavy Blanket' due in May

J Mascis is set to release new - entirely instrumental - album 'Heavy Blanket' in May.

One of the defining guitarists of the grunge era, recent activities have seen J Mascis put down his electric. Solo album 'Several Shades Of Why' was constructed on an acoustic, while the singer has also hinted at an upcoming synth-pop project.

But in a new move, J Mascis has seemingly constructed an instrumental album. 'Heavy Blanket' will be released through Outer Battery Records, and features plenty of wailing guitar from the Dinosaur Jr lynchpin.

According to some - possible apocryphal - blurb on the Outer Battery website, the sessions date from J Mascis' time in seminal hardcore group Deep Wound.

"It was the summer of 1984, and a teenage j Mascis was bored. Sure, his band Deep Wound were still playing shows and melting faces. That band would prove to be one of hardcore’s seminal influences, but j didn’t know that then."

"Disillusioned with the direction that most of his hardcore heroes had taken, he wanted to start something new. He wanted to shed the pretentiousness and elitism that had risen around him - to slow things down and turn the volume way, way up. This new band would influence generations of disenfranchised youth while tipping their hat to their heroes of years past, before punk existed. And so: he needed a band."

Working with high school friends Johnny Pancake and Pete Cougar, the trio laid down six tracks. Searching through his archives, J Mascis seemingly stumbled across the demo tape last year and put out a call to his former band mates.

"Building off those old tune structures, the boys – now men – have finally succeeded in fulfilling the promise of that long past summer."

'Heavy Blanket' will be released on May 8th. Watch a preview clip below:

Heavy Blanket - Dr Marten's Blues from Outer Battery Records on Vimeo.


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