But he turned them down...
Dinosaur Jr

J Mascis has revealed that he was invited to become Nirvana's second guitarist - but he turned down Kurt Cobain.

Nirvana may be best known as a classic example of three piece rock music, but in reality the band's line up was in flux for some time. Debut album 'Bleach' was technically recorded as a four piece, with Jason Everman playing second guitar.

Credited on 'Bleach', relations between Everman and Kurt Cobain hit a low point during sessions and it's thought that the guitarist played no part in the recording of the album. Speaking to Spin recently (via Guardian), J Mascis revealed that Cobain used this an opportunity to get the Dinosaur Jr man on board.

Seemingly, J Mascis declined - little wonder, since Dinosaur Jr were a far bigger proposition at the time. Nirvana continued in their state of flux for almost 12 months, recording the 'Sliver' single with Mudhoney sticksman Dan Peters on drums.

Famously, Mascis started out playing drums before picking up the guitar - see also: Iggy Pop, Dave Grohl - and it seems that Kurt Cobain again attempted to poach the musician for those fateful sessions. "There was … talk of playing drums on a single they were doing," he said, "but it ended up being (Mudhoney drummer) Dan Peters."

Now back in the saddle with the original line up of Dinosaur Jr, J Mascis is still spitting out the kind of sick, feral, wailing riffs that made him a grunge icon first time round.

New album 'I Bet On Sky' is out now - check out the video for 'Watch The Corners' below.

Photo Credit: Brantley Gutierrez


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