Who is hustlin' and who is shufflin'?
Rick Ross

Rick Ross has taken legal action against LMFAO.

The issue of music copyright has become more and more complex. Way back when, hip hop crews could sample whatever the hell they liked and chalk the whole experience down to artistic license.

Now, though, matters are different. LMFAO scored a huge hit in 2010 with 'Party Rock Anthem' which uses the hook "everyday I'm shufflin'" - eerily similar to Rick Ross' 2006 single 'Hustlin'' and it's central line "everyday I'm hustlin'".

Raising a court case against the pop crew, a legal suit filed by Rick Ross reads: "'Everyday I’m shufflin'...' in 'Party Rock Anthem' is performed in a manner to sound like 'Everyday I’m hustlin'...' in 'Hustlin'', is a prominent hook of 'Party Rock Anthem' and is an obvious attempt to capitalize on the fame and success of "Hustlin'".

Rick Ross has previous: last year the rapper won a court case against drug lord 'Freeway' Rick Ross. Arguably successfully for his use of the name, Rick Ross (the rapper) cited the First Amendment.

(via Pitchfork)


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