In the case of the stolen song title...
Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks has accused Lady Gaga of stealing one of her song titles.

Azealia Banks loves an internet beef. The '212' singer has sparred with numerous big names, using her Twitter account to vent her frustrations.

Now, though, she's decided to tackle one of the biggest talents in pop. Last year Azealia Banks spoke to Mix TV and revealed that she had been working on material with Lady Gaga.

"I worked with Lady Gaga, but I worked with Lady Gaga from afar" she said. "We worked via email and via Internet. We have a song called 'Red Flame' and a song called 'Ratchet', but I don’t know what she’s doing with it. She’s going to release it when she wants to release it."

Intriguingly, the tracklist for Gaga's new album 'ARTPOP' contains a song named 'Red Flame'. A coincidence? Azealia Banks doesn't think so, and blasted the pop icon on Twitter: "Make sure u let them know where u got the title for red flame from. U stole that from the demo I sent u."

Meanwhile, Azealia Banks has also uploaded a new track. 'Count Contessa' features production from Manchester based producer Lone - listen to it below.

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