Invada Records 2012 Sampler

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Invada Records are streaming a new compilation featuring a cross-section of their current projects.

Helmed by Geoff Barrow, Invada Records are responsible for introducing ClashMusic to some fantastic artists. Sure, there's a Bristol bias - it's where Barrow lives, after all - but the label moves from the UK to the continent to North America and beyond.

Gearing up for a busy 2012, Invada Records are streaming a new compilation featuring a cross section of their artists. Featuring eleven just (about to be) released tracks from the Invada stable, amongst the acts featured are Beak> and DDMMYYYY while newcomers include Bristol band Scarlet & The Trainwreck.

Elsewhere, Geoff Barrow himself contributes to a track from the DROKK project - music inspired by Judge Dredd's fictional home of Mega City One.

Moving from indie rock to electronica and left field hip hop, Industrial tones to something fresh, the Invada Sampler 2012 is well worth investigating. Stream the compilation in its entirety below...

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