New compilation from Pink Floyd

Psychedelic idol Syd Barrett is set to be the subject of a new compilation bringing together the highlights of his career.

Syd Barrett was one of the great lost talents of the psychedelic era. Forming The Pink Floyd, the singer took the band away from the R&B scene towards a brave and bold new form of songwriting.

Stars of the nascent psychedelic scene, the band's 1967 album 'The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn' is one of the most influential rock albums ever made. A mixture of R&B, free jazz and nonsense poetry it marked the band out as a brave new talent.

However Syd Barrett's prodigious drug use soon sent him into a downward spiral, with the pressures of creativity pushing heavily on him. After touring with Pink Floyd in the United States the singer had a mental breakdown.

Afterwards his talent was shattered. Two cult solo albums followed, showing snippets of a breathtaking songwriting ability. Now a new compilation is set to bring together the highlights of Syd Barrett's solo career.

'An Introduction To Syd Barrett' is the first compilation which brings together his Pink Floyd material with his solo work. 'Barrett' and 'The Madcap Laughs' will be represented, alongside snippets of rare material.

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has overseen the project, having worked with Syd Barrett on each of his completed albums. Giving some tracks a new sheen, the result is the perfect introduction to the songwriter's career.

Remaining an enduring cult icon, Syd Barrett sadly passed away in the summer of 2006. Earlier this year, Faber and Faber published 'Syd Barrett: A Very Irregular Head', an exhaustive biography by long-time fan Rob Chapman.

'An Introduction To Syd Barrett' is set to be released on October 4th. Tracklisting:

1. ARNOLD LAYNE Pink Floyd
2. SEE EMILY PLAY Pink Floyd
3. APPLES AND ORANGES (Stereo Version) Pink Floyd
4. MATILDA MOTHER (2010 Mix) Pink Floyd
5. CHAPTER 24 Pink Floyd
6. BIKE Pink Floyd
7. TERRAPIN Syd Barrett
8. LOVE YOU Syd Barrett
9. DARK GLOBE Syd Barrett
10. HERE I GO Syd Barrett (2010 Remix)
11. OCTOPUS Syd Barrett (2010 Mix)
12. SHE TOOK A LONG COOL LOOK Syd Barrett (2010 Mix)
13. IF IT'S IN YOU Syd Barrett
14. BABY LEMONADE Syd Barrett
15. DOMINOES Syd Barrett (2010 Mix)
16. GIGOLO AUNT Syd Barrett
18. BOB DYLAN BLUES Syd Barrett

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