New London electronic project...
We Are Shining

Rising London electronic project We Are Shining have posted new track 'The Wheel' online - listen to it now.

Fate, fate, fickle fate. Back in Medieval times, the term 'Rota Fortunae' was coined - literally a 'wheel of fortune' which guided the vagaries of chance.

Well, that wheel continues to turn. London duo We Are Shining know a thing or two about luck, with their early demos attracting the attention of label du jour Young Turks.

A one off 12 inch followed, with new release 'The Wheel' - see where we're going here? - finding Acyde and Morgan breaking new ground. Vocal loops and glitchy electronic beats, the piece continually revolves with the eternal loops echoing the twisting of the Rota Fortunae itself.

Check out the video below.

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