Ahead of their Clash Manchester show...
Temple Songs

As a city, Manchester is on fire right now - and one of the hottest acts emerging is Temple Songs. Over the last few years they’ve been gigging hard on the local circuit and playing sporadic gigs in the capital, amassing fans and gaining praise from the press.

Having put in the hard-graft things recently escalated - a deal with RIP records, support from 6Music, and a succession of great singles have placed the group at the epicentre of the new music zeitgeist. So why are they worth your listening time?

Well, unlike a swell of lo-fi bands hiding their musical inadequacies behind distortion Temple Songs make well-crafted pop with plenty of melodic surprises. Theirs is a great mix of garage-style spontaneity and retro-glam touches. Recent single ‘Point Of Origin’ jumps into action with a jangling indie hook then swerves and writhes in different directions.

We’re very honoured to have Temple Songs co-headlining our Record Store Day party in Manchester at The Deaf Institute this Saturday alongside the raucous talent of Ghost Outfit. Also playing will be Francis Lung, The Louche, and Hartheim. Tickets are only £3 Advance, so that works out at 60p a band. If you’re in Manchester you’d be mad to miss out!


Words: Simon Butcher

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