Check out the newcomer's mighty impressive single...
Tailor artwork

Any artist's debut single is a vitally important step.

It's the moment when all those years of planning, of practise, finally come to realisation.

Birmingham's Tailor has been working longer than most. An astute student of pop, he has lived his life through music, and in turns uses it to express his own experiences.

New double A-side single 'Disillusion' and 'Blame' is a superb showcase for his talent, demonstrating different sides of his ability.

Of 'Disillusion' the newcomer says: "It’s about expectations, and appreciating what you've got. Understanding the value in being realistic and not always chasing the things that might not work out. In a relationship sense, it’s about not forgetting what you have already... and not needing that validation outside of you and them."

While 'Blame' is fixated on the intricacies of a relationship: "Blame is about taking the hit in a relationship for you and your partner. There's times when its not your fault - but it's an interesting notion to take the blame for 'us' and be accepting of what you both are as a unit. I'll be the one to make the change for our faults... it's us vs the world."



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