Adam Ficek / Gary Powell hit the decks

Adam Ficek and Gary Powell are planning to team up for their new DJ / production partnership London Guns.

The rise of electro has put the indie world in a quandary. Struggling to react, many acts have 'gone electro' - suddenly slapping beats and synth lines across their guitar dominated songwriting style.

Becoming entranced by this new dance culture, Adam Ficek and Gary Powell have decided to do something different. The pair have launched their new DJ / production project London Guns.

Playing only a handful of dates so far, London Guns united two veterans of The Libertines and Babyshambles. Hugely influential groups, the move into dance could be seen as the end of an era - or the beginning of something new.

Reacting against the rise of what they see as lazy DJs, London Guns aim to put some creativity back into the DJ booth. Inspired by Belgian duo 2ManyDJs, the pair will be playing unique, self produced mash up's and re-edits fused with brand new downloads and some vinyl from the back of the crates.

A mixture of styles, London Guns have found plenty of room for their trademark indie style. Cutting and pasting, the duo plan to mix live instruments in with their productions adding something totally unexpected.

Both are drummers by trade, with Adam Ficek and Gary Powell capable of swapping decks for sticks at a moments notice.

Arranging a series of shows this year, London Guns follows on from new projects by both Gary Powell and Adam Ficek. Powell recently launched his new group The Invasion Of... while Ficek has embarked on a solo career since leaving Babyshambles behind.

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