Moby, Alice Cooper Also Star

Punk pioneer Iggy Pop has been lined up to star in new vampire film / record business spoof 'Suck', alongside Alice Cooper and Moby it has been announced.

Lead singer with The Stooges Iggy Pop is set to star in forthcoming vampire film 'Suck'. The punk pioneer will help explore the link between the music business and sharp-toothed creatures of the night known as vampires.

Moby will play lead character Beef Bellows, who is a singer with a band called Secretaries Of Steak. In an unusual show of devotion their fans throw meat at them during live appearances.

In an interview with US magazine Rolling Stone Moby confirmed the news by saying "I'm making a speciality of playing douche bags… I could spend the rest of my career perfecting the douche bag."

"I only have 45 words but they are 45 important words. Then I get eaten."

Sounds right up our street, then!

'Suck' is due for general release in the UK in Autumn 2009.

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