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A reclusive audio/video project, iamamiwhoami's 2012 breakthrough album 'kin' was a powerful, stirring piece of music.

Pop to the core, it's melodic sheen was matched to a willingness to experiment. Heading back into the studio, the project's next instalment is due to arrive later this year.

'Blue' will be released on November 10th via To Whom It May Concern, with an animated Gif being placed online. Seemingly, the image matches the album's central theme - water. "It is a symbol of the digital world, a visualisation of where iamamiwhoami exists.

'Blue' is a reflection of me as an artist with one foot in the physical world we were raised in, and my head in the digital world."

Check out a new video below.

'Blue' will be released on November 10th. Tracklisting:

1. fountain
2. hunting for pearls
3. vista
4. tap your glass
5. blue blue
6. thin
7. chasing kites
8. ripple
9. the last dancer
10. Shadowshow

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