Kylie Minogue to guest star

Manchester synth duo Hurts have revealed just how they managed to persuade pop princess Kylie Minogue to appear on their debut album.

Hurts began 2010 surrounded in hype, but chose to remain in the shadows. The duo refused to play live, preferring instead to allow their recordings speak for themselves.

Since then, the band have done things their own way, choosing an independent path. Completing work on their soon to be released debut album, Hurts managed to persuaded a member of pop's royalty to add her vocals.

Australian icon Kylie Minogue is set to appear on debut LP 'Happiness', adding her vocals to the track 'Devotion'. Fresh from her own comeback album, the guest appearance is quite a coup for the reclusive duo.

"A few weeks ago we finished our album, but it did not feel complete" Theo Hutchcraft told the NME. "We have written an album, mainly about women, which felt lost without the salvation of a woman."

Continuing, the producer explained that the track was written before Kylie Minogue added her vocals. "We wrote a song about infidelity called 'Devotion'. Since we have enjoyed an illicit life-long love affair with Kylie Minogue, we mustered up every ounce of courage we had and asked her if she would like to sing the song with us. She said yes."

"The delicate yet powerful way she expresses the fragility of female emotion has added a magical missing ingredient to an album about love, loss and happiness. If you don't ask, you don't get… I guess."

Hurts made their live debut in their hometown of Manchester earlier this year, going on to play at The Great Escape. The band have confirmed a full scale UK tour for this Autumn, following the release of their debut album.

Hurts are set to release 'Happiness' on September 6th. Tracklisting:

'Silver Lining'
'Wonderful Life'
'Blood, Tears & Gold'
'Better Than Love'
'The Water'

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