While vouchers controversy grows...

Workers at two HMV stores in Ireland are staging a sit in protest as the fall out from the firm's collapse continues.

The demise of HMV has been one of the most protracted, tawdry stories to come our way in a long time. Enduring money difficulties for the past 12 months, disappointing sales over the Christmas period pushed the high street retailer into administration earlier this week.

More than 4000 jobs were out at risk, while HMV also refused to honour any outstanding gift vouchers. The move prompted widespread dismay from fans, while a Conservative MP has now waded into the row.

Conservative backbencher Sir Tony Baldry claimed that HMV had committed theft by selling vouchers during a period when its future was in doubt. Continuing, the politician argued that the firm must have known "there was little prospect of those vouchers or gift cards ever being redeemed". (via The Guardian)

A spokesperson from HMV told the NME yesterday that everyone at the firm was disappointed with the situation. "We of course understand the strength of feeling on this matter and are very sorry, but we hope that customers will understand that we are currently in administration and therefore not in a position to accept gift cards and vouchers."

Meanwhile, workers at Irish stores have taken matters into their own hands. HMV controls 16 shops across the country, with workers at two Limerick stores deciding to hold a sit in protest in an effort to secure the wages owed to them. Workers have met with representatives HMV's administrator, accountancy group Deloitte, and dialogue is said to be ongoing.

Speaking to the BBC a worker said: "We are owed wages, and holiday and lieu time and the like. We want written confirmation that we will get what we are owed. More importantly, we want to get the shop reopened, we are a profitable store with fantastic staff."

"The receivers have been very reasonable with us so far, but the sit-in will continue until we get written confirmations."

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