"I hope they're finally listening..."

The employee behind yesterday's HMV twitter takeover has come forward to explain her actions.

The troubles surrounding HMV only serves to heighten the attachment that staff and customers feel to the brand. The high street's last remaining music retailer, it has acted as a focal point for generations.

Currently in administration, 60 staff were laid off yesterday. Astonishingly, one employee was able to live tweet from the meeting - an act which caused Twitter to go into meltdown.

Reported on virtually every news feed, the tweets became a cause celebre. Last night the staff member revealed herself to be Poppy Powers and - in a series of tweets on her own feed - the employee revealed her reasons for the actions.

In full, the statement reads:

"I would apologise for the #hmvXFactorFiring tweets but I felt like someone had to speak. As someone without a family to support/no mortgage I felt that I was the safest person to do so. Not to mention, I wanted to show the power of Social Media to those who refused to be educated Just to set something straight, I did not ‘hijack’ the hmv twitter account. I actually assumed sole responsibility of Twitter & Facebook - over two years ago, as an intern.When asked (this afternoon), I gladly provided the password to head office. I also set another member of staff up as a manager on Facebook, and removed myself from the admin list. I didn’t resist any requests to cooperate. Since my internship started, I worked tirelessly to educate the business of the importance of Social Media – not as a short-term commercial tool, but as a tool to build and strengthen the customer relationship, and to gain invaluable real-time feedback from the consumers that have kept us going for over 91 years. While many colleagues understood and supported this, it was the more senior members of staff who never seemed to grasp its importance. I hoped that today's actions would finally show them the true power and importance of Social Media, and I hope they're finally listening. Now, I should probably go and hide for a while... Thank you so much for your supportive tweets! Much love to the hmv staff & customers."


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