Mysterious 12 inch turns up on Record Store Day...
Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada may well have released new material, if a mysterious 12 inch found in New York proves to be genuine.

Boards of Canada a virtually the poster boys of elliptic, obtuse behaviour. However if this story from Record Store Day proves to be correct, then it will surely rank as one of the duo's most perceptive, subtle attempts at hype yet.

According to various Stateside sources, a mysterious 12 inch was found in New York record shop Other Music. Credited to Boards of Canada, it played some suitably retro-Futuristic noises before a voice reads out the numbers: "9-3-6-5-5-7".

The sleeve is sparse, but contains a few clues. The front of the 12 inch is adorned with the following phrase '—— / —— / —— / XXXXXX / —— / ——' which suggests that it could be part of a wider jigsaw puzzle.

Pitchfork then claimed that it had contacted Warp's Stateside rep, who claimed that the release was genuine. Other Music employee Mikey IQ Jones then contacted FACT to add weight to the argument: "It’s real" he said. "We were given a copy to secretly place in the racks at Other Music; we’re really psyched that it was found by a big fan!"

Given Boards of Canada's intense fan base, the development has caused no end of speculation. 2020k have done a little digging, and suggest that the New York copy is the only one sent to the United States with different copies making their way around the globe.

The site claim that the 12 inch was hand delivered to Other Music at around 3pm, whilst noting that Boards of Canada have an official listing on the Record Store Day website.

There also appears to be something funny happening at the Boards of Canada YouTube page. 'Geodaddi' track 'Julie And Candy' received the video treatment, with the title '——/——/——/——/–­—-/——' placed in the video at 4:20.

The next day, the phrase had been moved to 4:19. So is a countdown taking place? 2020k certainly seem to think so.

Finally, a clip purporting to be of '—— / —— / —— / XXXXXX / —— / ——' has emerged online. Is it genuine? Check it out below.


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