Gummo Mark Two?
Harmony Korines New Film 'Trash Humpers'

It’s enough to make even the most hardened of film fans brace themselves with a large sherry. ‘Trash Humpers’ is the new Harmony Korine film that’s been billed variously as an experimental, low budget, salvaged from the garbage “VHS-horror movie ” with a trailer that will appeal to practically no-one other than existing fans of the writer/director, curious cinephiles and provocative art students.

That’s not to say it’s not worth looking out for, there’s been some great reviews come in from the various film festivals at which its been showing. And the same distrust could be conceived of Gummo which although unusual, uncomfortable and brutal is nevertheless a masterpiece of modern film making.

So low fi it’s hard to believe it had any budget at all ‘Trash Humpers’ recollects the Feliniesque early films of John Waters, or those of Lars Von Trier (before he appeared to change his mind about the Dogme manifesto) and whilst these comparisons are valid they’re also a little lazy. Korine has always resolutely ploughed his own dementedly controversial furrow. Think Kids, Julian Donkey Boy and Mister Lonley; hardly blockbuster fayre.

Trash Humpers is an intensely savoury slice of nihilistic southern gothic shot in his native Nashville (the first since Gummo). It’s vintage Korine fayre in that there's no obvious narrative structure, we’re instead treated to vignettes of three elderly people, one a supposed burn victim (in actuality Korine & pals in masks/makeup) as they live ‘free’ lives which entail humping trash (yes, the title is literal) smashing tv’s and slapping prostitutes asses. If those acts sound like minor eccentricities be assured that there’s way more perversion and darkness contained within than we’d like to give away here.

The film does not yet have a confirmed UK release date but one things for sure, don’t expect it at a multiplex near you any time soon.


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