For the BRONZE format...
Jessie Ware

Gwilym Gold and Lexxx have stepped in to provide a very special re-working of Jessie Ware's 'Devotion' for the BRONZE format.

Sluicing together music and technology, the BRONZE format saw Gwilym Gold break new ground. A collaboration format, BRONZE was a unique streaming app which meant that the music was continually in a state of evolution.

Used on Gwilym Gold's debut album, BRONZE is now the focus of a new remix. Teaming up with producer Lexxx, the London based artist has picked apart 'Devotion' by Jessie Ware and constructed something pretty unusual.

The straight forward remix is a sparse re-working which reduces Jessie Ware's vocal to little more than whispers. The percussion heavy remix works in shards of synth, with 'Devotion' turned into an icy blast of delicious vicious pop.

The BRONZE version, meanwhile, is continually in a state of flux. Streaming at the BRONZE site, it's another intriguing experiment from the pair with Gwilym Gold and Lexxx displaying typical imagination to utilise the new format.

Listen to the remix below.

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Visit the BRONZE site HERE.


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