Could another one be on the way?

Grizzly Bear pairing Ed Droste and Chris Bear have spoken to Clash about the group's side projects.

Part of Grizzly Bear's charm, their chemistry is the band's willingness to accept side projects. In the break following 'Veckatimest' the group went their separate ways, with Chris Taylor recording under the name CANT.

Now of course, Grizzly Bear have re-united with new album 'Shields' set to be released later this year. Chatting to ClashMusic, Ed Droste and Chris Bear reflected on the band's new for tangential projects.

"You’ve got to let people grow on their own, too" he said. "If you don’t give anyone time to go off and develop on their own as a human you’re just going to stagnate and be stuck with each other and start going crazy".

"If you’ve got something you want to get out there, which you don’t want to do with the band you want to do it on your own like you have to honour that in order for everyone to be on the same page again. I never would stop someone doing a side project, I think they’re really good for everyone".

Well, we couldn't help but ask if Ed Droste and Chris Bear have ever pondered a side project of their own. "Bear and I have, like, we like to write together and we have a bunch of songs which we’ve been collecting through the years and we jokingly call a side project. I don’t know whether it ever really will be" the singer said.

Interjecting, Chris Bear added: "There’s stuff we play around with which definitely feels like more of a tangent than would work in the band."

"Maybe someday we’ll release a song here or there" explained Droste. "I don’t think we’ll ever do like the album thing. But we have a different aesthetic which we are drawn to sometimes, perhaps on a dancier / pop tip which we get down on and have fun with. We haven’t honed down on it. It’s more of a hobby than something which is serious! We want you to review this! We want you to buy this! It’s more like, I think if we actually did do it then we’d probably just release the songs for free."

'Sheilds' is set to be released in September.

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