This is pretty funny...
Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear have posted an - ahem - curious re-working of 'Shields' online.

Grizzly Bear are often seen as taking things seriously. The band's material is carefully honed, a well hewn mixture of indie rock influences which continually push against the grain.

So it's nice to see them cut loose once in a while. In time for the festive period Grizzly Bear have recorded a new version of recent album 'Shields' which re-casts each song in solo piano form.

Alongside this, there's plenty of reverb laden, Kenny G style saxophone and the odd bit of operatic warbling. Oh, and the video contains stock photos of hot air balloons, Big Ben and dogs playing poker...

Presumably they've gotten mighty bored waiting for the next leg of their tour to start....

Watch the video below.


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