"I do not feel bad about it..."

Grimes has defended her decision to perform in Russia.

Always countries are unique, but – somehow – Russia seems more unique than most. Perhaps it’s the sheer size and scale of the country, or its Communist history, but Russia still feels alien, remote and distinct.

Earlier this year, the Russian government passed a law banning "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relationships to minors" while the Gay Rights movement has encountered obstacles from authorities.

Some artists have cancelled Russian shows as a result, but Grimes recently opted to go ahead with a one off Moscow date. Sparking heated debate on Twitter, the singer posted a note on Tumblr outlining her reasons:

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response to twitter criticisms of the show in russia 

Yes, I am playing in Moscow in 2 days and no, i do not feel bad about it.  I don’t think that denying and ignoring the gay community in russia is cool. 

It doesn’t hurt the government if I refuse to tour there.  Just regular people.  So i don’t think it’s wrong to be doing this.  Refusing to do so only hurts fans

also - this is a private event.  fans should know that ill be back for a bigger show when i finish the record that will be open to the public

siiick so stoked! cya soon ^_^ 



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