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Green Man - Mountain Stage

On Wednesday, July 23rd, Green Man Festival holds the final of its 2014 Green Man Rising competition. This takes the form of a live gig, held at Camden’s famous Dublin Castle, at which six finalists will perform. It’s a classic battle of the band set-up, basically. Just one problem for the participants: I’m one of the judges.

Thankfully for all involved, people with rather better taste in music than me are also on the panel, namely the following fine music business types: Phil Alexander of Mojo, Jane Abernethy of 4AD, Jack Shankly of Domino, Will Cook of The 405, Harriet Gibsone of The Guardian, and Ben Coleman of Green man itself.

The band deemed the best on the night wins a slot on the festival’s main Mountain Stage on Friday August 15th. And possibly a high-five from a drunk Mike. That’s the stage, pictured. Nice. Much nicer than my sweaty palm, that’s for sure.

The players, for your delectation: Charles Howl, Erin K, Eva Bowman, Wildest Dreams, Syd Kemp and Memory Clinic. Links to music from all of these acts can be found on the Green Man site, here

The show’s free, so come on down if you’re in the neighbourhood. It kicks off at 7pm, and chances are you’ll discover a new band to love. Maybe even two. And if not, you can confront me over what a hack I am for giving the latest Arcade Fire and Coldplay albums 4/10 scores. Opinions, eh?

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