In time for Record Store Day

Gravenhurst is set to release new single 'The Prize' in time for Record Store Day.

Record Store Day is designed as a celebration of independence - well they don't come much more independent than Gravenhurst.

A vehicle for Nick Talbot, the songwriter's output has happily existed in a world of its own for over a decade now. Returning with his first new album in almost five years, Gravenhurst will preview 'The Ghost In Daylight' with new single 'The Prize'.

Out on Record Store Day - April 21st, mark it down - 'The Prize' will be available on marbled silver and white 10 inch. As a special bonus, Gravenhurst have also recorded a version of Tim Buckley’s 'Song to the Siren'.

Asked about the song recently, Nick Talbot said: “Many people know this song from This Mortal Coil's seminal cover version; people are more likely to have heard Liz Fraser and Robin Guthrie's vocal and guitar sounds than Tim Buckley's".

"I wanted to take it even further into the unknown, to use sounds that cannot be identified as musical instruments at all. I wanted to create a wall of controlled melodic chaos; I wanted the whole thing to sound like a tidal wave”.

Stream 'The Prize' below.

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Gravenhurst will release 'The Prize' on Record Store Day. Elsewhere on April 21st, you can catch Nick Talbot playing a free entry solo in-store at Bristol vinyl institution Rise Records from 7pm.

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