'Lost' band emerge from the shadows...

Reclusive London group Gramme are set to release their debut album 'Fascination' on February 18th.

In the age of the internet, music shouldn't really be 'lost'. After all, once it's been released chances are that an iTunes listing or an Amazon recommendation is only a click away, while some clips languish in the nether regions of YouTube for eternity.

But Gramme almost managed to disappear past the horizon. The London group are responsible for just one EP - 1999's 'Pre-Release' - but it's frantic mixture of punk-funk / disco-pogo acted as a harbinger for the next decade's musical trends.

Since then, the band have released nothing and barely appeared in public, seemingly content to let their legacy grow. Releasing three EPs this year, Gramme suddenly re-emerged and have now seemingly completed their long awaited, much lauded debut album.

'Fascination' will be released on February 18th, through Tim ‘Love’ Lee's Tummy Touch Records. Not quite the 'lost' album fans were hoping for, the material was instead written during an intense two and a half year period.

Here's 'Too High'.

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Gramme are set to release debut album 'Fascination' on February 18th.


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