'Love Me Lies' b/w '30-60-90'
Graham Day & The Forefathers

Graham Day has a decent claim to be one of the UK's most under-rated songwriters.

Lead singer with Medway's finest The Prisoners, the frontman helped inspire The Charlatans while his output with Planet and The Solar Flares presaged the garage rock revival.

Deciding to focus on a career spanning live set, Graham Day formed The Forefathers back in 2004 with Allan Crockford and Wolf Howard.

Since then, the trio have blasted venues across the globe, ploughing their own furrow with scant regard for what can loosely be termed as 'the record industry'.

Breaking cover, Graham Day & The Forefathers have confirmed plans for a one off single. Available through State Records, the lead cut is a version of The Prisoners' oft-neglected classic 'Love Me Lies'.

Given a ferocious Hendrix style treatment, 'Love Me Lies' comes backed with a fuzzed up version of Willie Mitchell's '30-60-90' - perhaps best known through its inclusion on the 'Get Carter' soundtrack.

'Love Me Lies' b/w '30-60-90' will be released on May 15th.

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