Shot by Lisa Gunning...

Goldfrapp have teamed up with Lisa Gunning on new short film 'Annabel'.

Goldfrapp have always had a visual element. In line with all true pop stars - from David Bowie to Duran Duran, Culture Club to Lady Gaga - the band understand that their album artwork, their videos are often just as important as their music.

Returning with new album 'Tales Of Us' the band opted to craft a feature length film around its themes of young love and coming of age. Lisa Gunning has stepped in to direct the feature, which will be unveiled in full later this year.

Ahead of this, Goldfrapp have unveiled the short film for 'Annabel'. Expanding hugely on the track itself, the video is a beautifully shot black and white clip.

Ending with the central character dancing rapturously in the woods, sunlight dappling through leaves, it's an engrossing, moving affair which matches the internal dynamic of Goldfrapp's music.

Watch it below.

- - -

'Tales Of Us' is set to be released on September 9th.

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