New album due on June 10th...
Gold Panda

Gold Panda is set to release his second album 'Half Of Where You Live' through Ghostly International on June 10th.

Now based in Berlin, it's been an open secret that Gold Panda has been working on fresh material. However the question wasn't if the new material would arrive... but when.

Well, now he's given us our answer. Gold Panda's second album - the follow up to 2010's quite spectacular 'Lucky Shiner' LP - is set to be titled 'Half Of Where You Live' and will be released on June 10th.

Ghostly International once again supply the producer with safe harbour, with new track 'Brazil' finding its way online last night. Beautifully inquisitive, the track itself concerns a trip he made to Sao Paulo on tour: “It was mental,” the producer explains, “we were nervous about going. People kept telling us ‘it’s not safe.’ It was fine, but the track reflects the sensation of travelling from the airport and hitting this sprawling metropolis, and the disparity between old Brazil and the new economically prosperous country. Like, I was drinking a daiquiri for $40 at the top of a skyscraper that looks like shit.”

Stream 'Brazil' below.

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Gold Panda is set to release 'Half Of Where You Live' through Ghostly International on June 10th. Looking ahead, the producer has lined up a one off London show:

12 London Brixton Electric

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