Which could feature Debbie Harry, Donna Summer...
Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder has revealed that he is working on new material.

Disco hinged on a handful of producers, a loose knit coterie of bizarre, groundbreaking geniuses. Amongst these, though, Giorgio Moroder still stands out, with his productions arguably paving the way for house and club culture as we know it.

Recently re-emerging, Giorgio Moroder made a star turn on Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' album before launching himself into a new endeavour.

Kicking off a career as a septuagenarian DJ, Giorgio Moroder is also working on new material. Speaking to FACT, the producer refused to give too much away but revealed that he has been working on material which could feature Chic's Nile Rodgers and Blondie icon Debbie Harry.

Determined to remain allusive, Giorgio Moroder did confirm that he has been recording with Donna Summer - who took charge of the vocals on groundbreaking disco anthem 'Love To Love You'.

"It’s called ‘La Dolce Vita’, she sang it about three years ago," he revealed. "I think I have a great combination of synthesizers and live drums and live guitar to go with Donna’s voice."

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