'The Very Last Of The Saints' due

Ghosting Season are set to release their new album 'The Very Last Of The Saints' on May 14th.

Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale have been making music together for almost a decade. Recently setting the worriedaboutsatan moniker aside, the pair teamed up in order to form Ghosting Season.

A more ethereal, Gothic counterpoint to their earlier work, Ghosting Season produce wonderfully fluid music. Working independently, on their own terms, Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale have completed work on a new album.

'The Very Last Of The Saints' will be released on May 14th, with an unexpected figure set to usher the album into record shops.

Manchester dance don Sasha runs Last Night On Earth, the label tasked with releasing 'The Very Last Of The Saints'. About as far away from progressive house as it is possible to go, it's a left field choice from the DJ and a high profile show of support for Ghosting Season.

Fancy a quick preview? Last year ClashMusic tracked down Ghosting Season for an exclusive DJ mix. Featuring their influences, inspirations, contemporaries and more the mix is a cross-section of the tastes which run through 'The Very Last Of The Saints'.

Download the mix HERE.

Ghosting Season will precede their new album with upcoming single ‘A Muffled Sound Of Voices’. Due to be released on April 23rd, the track comes equipped with remixes from Luke Abbott, Ed Davenport, Jack Dixon, Jamie Funk and Bubba.

Finally, the pair have confirmed plans to launch their new album at Fields. Ghosting Season will perform at the upcoming London event, accompanied by a live set from Raffertie, The Slow Revolt and a DJ set from Graphics.

Taking place on April 5th, Fields #3 will take control of London venue Elektrowerkz - tickets are on sale now.

Ghosting Season will release 'The Very Last Of The Saints' on May 14th.

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