Plus, there's a DOOM collaboration in the works...
12 Reasons To Die

Ghostface Killah is set to release his much delayed new album '12 Reasons To Die' on April 16th.

Off all Wu Tang Clan's splinters, Ghostface Killah perhaps retains the most bite. An always unpredictable force in hip hop, the rapper has been teasing fans with details of a new album for some time.

Now it seems to have a release date. '12 Reasons To Die' will be available from April 16th, with producer Adrian Younge sitting at the helm.

The cover art is up there, while Soul Temple Records are billing the music as sitting somewhere between vintage Wu Tang Clan and Portishead. Which is intriguing...

Try out sample track 'The Rise Of The Ghostface Killah' below.

In other news, FACT notes that Ghostface Killah has revealed a few more pieces of information about that much vaunted collaboration with DOOM. Speaking to fans in Amsterdam at (where else?) “the world’s pre-eminent cannabis festival” Cannabis Cup the rapper explained that work was ongoing.

"Me and MF Doom we got a project coming. I don’t know the name all the way yet, but you know it’s a Ghostface/Doom project. But yeah, we out here right now trying to put together the songs, the beats. To see which tracks we gonna finish using. We already got a bunch of stuff anyway. We just testing out the tracks. We’ll listen to him. We ain’t get to listen to them yet. He just flew in today."


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