Twisted Pine honour the rapper

American brewers Twisted Pine have unveiled a new beer named in honour of Ghost Face Killah.

A career in music can bring numerous honours: the Mercury, a Grammy Award, maybe even a BRIT. Now Ghostface Killah has been given the ultimate honour, after a beer was brewed in his name.

American brewers Twisted Pine are to name their latest blend after the rapper. Well known for their unusual limited edition runs, the brewers hatched a plan last year to craft "the spiciest beer in the world”.

Naming the resulting beer after Ghostface Killah, Twisted Pine claim that the drink is so spicy that it can only be sold individually in twelve ounce bottles. (via FACT)

Here's a paragraph from the press release:

“At its base, Ghost Face Killah is an American-style wheat ale, but it is undeniably different than any other wheat beer out there. Once fermentation is complete, six different strains of chili peppers are introduced: Anaheim, Fresno, jalapeño, serrano, habanero and bhut jolokia, the ‘ghost’ pepper. The result is liquid fire that makes endorphins rush and foreheads sweat. The intense heat presents itself immediately and persists for more than a minute after the sip. Due to the extreme nature of the beer, Ghost Face Killah is sold individually in twelve ounce bottles, as Twisted Pine feels that amount is the perfect dose."

Initially set to have a limited edition release last year, the Ghost Face Killah beer has spiralled in popularity. “We never really planned to mass-produce Ghost Face Killah,” General Manager Jody Valenta points out, “but once we made it, everyone wanted some and the orders just came pouring in.”

Spreading across the United States, there is no word as yet on introducing the beer to Europe. Click HERE for further details!

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