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Get People are giving away their hypnotic track 'Cupid's Curse' - download it below.

Experiments in sound. Whereas some groups tend to focus on hooks, melody lines Get People seem to specialise in texture, in lumping together disparate, dissonant elements of sound in a way that seems completely natural.

Currently working on their debut album, Get People are gearing up for a new release on Luv Luv Luv this October.

For now, though, the band are keen to drop tantalising hints of their potential. 'Cupid's Curse' is all hypnotic bass, near tribal percussion and layered vocals which seem to swoop in and out of each other.

Available to download now, you can grab it HERE.

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Watch the video for 'Cupid's Curse' below.

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Finally, Get People are set to play at the next Luv club night on September 27th.

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