Introducing... Lightships

Teenage Fanclub songwriter Gerard Love has formed a new project using the name Lightships.

One of indie rock's true institutions, Teenage Fanclub may age but they never grow old. Perennial favourites on the ClashMusic stereo, news has reached us of a new project from Gerard Love.

Closely linked to the Geographic label, Gerard Love was recently urged to turn a clutch of solo tracks he had written into a full album. Eventually nudged into the project, the songwriter invited a number of close friends to collaborate on the project.

Named Lightships, the new group features Gerard Love at the helm with assistance from: Dave McGowan (guitar, Teenage Fanclub), Brendan O'Hare (drums, from the first incarnation of Teenage Fanclub), Tom Crossley (flute, International Airport and The Pastels) and Bob Kildea (bass, Belle & Sebastian).

Lightships will release their new album 'Electric Cables' on April 2nd. Gerard Love takes sole responsibility for the songwriting, which the tone said to be light but with plenty of hidden depths.

Thus far, only one track has emerged - stream album opener 'Two Lines' below...

- - -

Geographic are set to handle the release of 'Electric Cables' which will be available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download. Pre-orders are available HERE - there's a free bag of Lightships badges with each order...

Lightships will release 'Electric Cables' on April 2nd. Tracklisting:

1. Two Lines
2. The Warmth Of The Sun
3. Muddy Rivers
4. Sweetness In Her Spark
5. Every Blossom
6. Silver & Gold
7. Girasol
8. Stretching Out
9. Photosynthesis

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