With Sir Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono in attendance

The new George Harrison biopic 'Living In The Material World' was given its premiere on Sunday night (October 2nd).

Hidden behind the public figures of Lennon & McCartney, George Harrison quietly built up his own identity. Blossoming in the later years of The Beatles, the guitarist was responsible for timeless songs such as 'Something', 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps', 'Here Comes The Sun' and more.

Launching a solo career with the classic album 'All Things Must Pass' the songwriter then took a different path. A spiritual person, George Harrison would mix religious concerns with numerous musical projects.

Passing away in 2001, American director Martin Scorcese was recently invited to produce a documentary about George Harrison's life.

'Living In The Material World' has taken five years to complete, with Harrison's family allowing the director to use personal photographs, tapes and more. Given its premiere in London on Sunday (October 2nd) the remaining members of The Beatles were joined by Sir George Martin, Yoko Ono, Noel Gallagher and more.

Speaking to BBC News, Sir Paul McCartney called his former band mate "a great man". Continuing, the Beatle said: "Every time I see something to do with George it brings back more memories than you would believe. He was my little mate on the school bus. A lot of fond memories. He's sorely missed by us all."

The premiere coincided with a simultaneous showing in Liverpool. Martin Scorcese has spent five years documenting the life of George Harrison, which also includes a notable contribution to British cinema.

"For years, his music seemed to be dealing with themes that I connected with" the director told BBC News. "I found comfort in them and a hope and a special experience listening to his music. I was fascinated by him."

'Living In The Material World' will be given a limited run in cinemas before a screening on the BBC this November.

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