Watch the clips for 'Magnetic' and 'Aura'
George FitzGerald

George Fitzgerald has unveiled the videos for 'Magnetic' and 'Aura'.

The commercial dominance of house music is turning underground talent into household names. Nowhere is this changeover more evident than the career of George FitzGerald, who has managed to match critical acclaim with the odd chart appearance.

New single 'Magnetic' is out this week, displaying some darker hues to his house flair. Available now, the single comes equipped with similarly sepulchre 'Aura' on the flip.

David Rudnick and Daniel Swan have crafted a video for each track, expanding on the taut atmosphere, the lingering threat which exists in FitzGerald's material.

The film makers issued the following statement: "Half-recognized rooms, bad stairwells, strange lights and dark corners. Loops tracing a line drawn by the first pull of the bass to the dancefloor, to the last walk from the club into the morning light. Drums beating, bodies moving; always the same and always different. Night paths followed week after week in clubs and in dreams, floating like a sleepwalker through a mysterious, endlessly-repeating club environment."

Check out the videos below.



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