"He's a grumpy tweeter and should grow up."

Portishead’s Geoff Barrow is embroiled in a Twitter feud with the Mayor of Bristol.

Bristol is a law unto itself. The city is virtually an independent republic, boasting a worldview unlike any other. In short: it’s the sort of place where a member of Portishead can quite happily feud with the local mayor.

Which is exactly what’s happened between Geoff Barrow and elected representative George Ferguson. A new arena venue is currently being built in Bristol, but progress was dealt a blow when £40 million of government funding was denied to the construction.

Sparking renewed speculation about the nature of the project, Geoff Barrow began tweeting questions to the mayor. Clearly unamused by Barrow’s suggestions, George Ferguson blocked the musician.

The Portishead lynchpin responded: "I wonder how many far more politically aware people than myself he has blocked? Poor George must be feeling the pressure....”

According to the BBC, Geoff Barrow was part of a parcel of “abusive tweeters” he had blocked. The politician claims to have unblocked the musician, but the BBC also carry the following quote attributed to George Ferguson: "He had no other motivation than to have a go. He's a wind-up merchant... He's a grumpy tweeter and should grow up."

Geoff Barrow is more than capable of holding his own, though.


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