"I think Rinse has the same outlook as a small child"

Geeneus has spoken about his long standing involving with pirate radio institution Rinse FM.

Founded some 17 years ago, Rinse FM has prospered while other pirate radio stations have fallen away. Continually changing and evolving to reflect new styles, the station currently broadcasts everything from dubstep to house and straight up UK Funky.

With the emphasis on bass, Rinse FM has reached a new prominence thanks to its association with artists such as Skream, Benga, Dizzee Rascal and of course Katy B, who is signed to the station's label.

Rinse FM founder Geeneus recently stepped out of the shadows to comment on the station's anniversary and their new-found legal status. "I think Rinse has the same outlook as a small child" he told The Guardian. "They don't get influenced by anything. They just like what they like."

Continually moving forward, Geeneus attributes this to the station's enduring influence. "Every pirate radio station has their time, the moment when they're on top," he said. "But for us, we keep getting that moment because as soon as it gets a bit dry, we scrap it all and start again."

"I call it 'destroy and rebuild'," he said. "It's basically when I get on one and get rid of half the station in one go and start again. Everyone's really worried about it, none of the DJs can sit safe in their chairs. But it's just me caring about the radio, we gotta keep it moving."

Now a well known producer in his own right, Geeneus has largely shunned the attention lavished on some of the DJs who cut their teeth on Rinse. "I'm not that interested in being known. I just like doing it, I don't wanna be famous for it" he insisted.

Now relishing its newly won legal status, Rinse boasts a label as well as the influential clubnight FWD>>. Continually moving forward, Geeneus is probed about the legacy of the station.

"I think we're the people that brought the genres together" he said. "Rinse has put people like Skream next to people like Roska. We're here to help the new music be born and developed."


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