Alexisonfire frontman Wade MacNeil to the mic

Gallows are set to unveil former Alexisonfire frontman Wade MacNeil as their singer.

If you like your rock music raw, loud and powerful then the past fortnight has been difficult to bear. First Frank Carter walked away from Gallows and then Canadian post-hardcore nut-jobs Alexisonfire decided to part company.

Now in a neat turn of events, Gallows have unveiled their new singer - none other than Alexisonfire frontman Wade MacNeil.

The Canadian singer was apparently approached by Gallows guitarist Steph Carter, and leaped at the chance to join the feral British hardcore outfit. The news was broken by Alt Press, who asked MacNeil how the switch had been engineered.

"After the boys decided they were going to keep going, my name kind of popped up, and they all thought it made sense. It didn’t overcomplicate itself" he said. "I talked to Steph (Carter), and I said I was definitely interested. He pretty much said, “Okay, let’s do it,” and I got on a plane and we’re writing right now."

Gallows are set to immediately move forward, and have already begun writing new material with Wade MacNeil at the helm. "You know, I showed up, flew over here and got here in the morning two days ago. I didn’t sleep on the flight; I was listening to the first two Gallows records and writing lyrics, trying to get the right headspace for it."

"We showed up, and I wasn’t really sure what the guys wanted to do, if they wanted to run the old stuff. I said, “Let’s just jump into some new stuff,” and they played me some tracks. We arranged stuff a little differently, and I told them some ideas where I wanted to go with stuff. The first day, we wrote something that I think is the most brutal thing the band has ever written. It’s just the harshest, heaviest song that’s, like, thirty-five seconds long. I think that’s going to be the first thing the band puts out."

Probed on how fans will react to the switch, MacNeil admitted that the move could upset some people. "With a change like that, it’s going to upset some people. But at the end of the day, we just have to almost selfishly write music that we are happy with and we’re passionate about, and push forward the only way we really can."

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