It'll cost you three grand...

All girl choir Gaggle have released their new single 'The Power Of Money' with each copy set to cost £3000.

In an age of near absolute internet-led saturation, music has lost its value. Whereas once each single was something to be cherished, now fans can illegally download vast discographies in no time at all.

Which makes Gaggle's next move both apt and curious. New single 'The Power Of Money' was recorded earlier this year and - to prove a point - it is being sold at the princely sum of £3000. Here's a statement from the group:

“What does money mean to you?

How do you put a value on the things you care about?

Is money the same thing as worth?

This song is precious. And yet, we're told that, nowadays, 'a single' is almost valueless. And that pisses us off.

So we have done a budget of how much this single 'cost'.

The many hours it took to write, arrange, compose, master; the expertise of all the musicians, technicians, designers, producers involved; all money, time, energy, love and blagging that was ploughed into making all that happen. And come up with a VALUE.

We are putting this tune to market for the sum of £3000.”

Watch the video for 'The Power Of Money' below.


Purchase 'The Power Of Money' HERE.


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