It's typically flamboyant...
Gabriel Bruce

Gabriel Bruce has posted new track 'Greedy Little Heart' online - listen to it below.

Gabriel Bruce is a showman. Electronic soul for the 21st century, the newcomer has made a name for himself as a purveyor of almighty chutzpah and incredible dance moves.

Yet there's a studio perfectionist lurking behind that veneer. Debut album 'Love In Arms' drops on May 6th, with all the signs pointing towards something very impressive.

New track 'Greedy Little Heart' emerged online last night. Opening with some synthesised organ chords, the song builds in intensity before Gabriel Bruce adds his vocals and lifts the whole thing to another plane.

Yes, it's very 80s and yes, it's completely over the top but there's an emotional core to what's going on. Gabriel Bruce isn't playing at this - he throws his entire heart and soul into each song.

Listen to it below.

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'Love In Arms' is set to be released on May 6th.

Photo Credit: Mark LeBon


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