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A new chillwave name generator has been launched, allowing you to find the name for your new sample-delic side project.

Collecting together disparate producers working across the United States, 'chillwave' is one of the most controversial musical terms around. A whimsical blog name which stuck, the genre focusses on the nostalgia laden productions by artists such as Washed Out, Toro Y Moi and Neon Indian.

Stylistically, the almost melancholic wash favoured by chillwave producers borrows from Animal Collective. Taking Panda Bear's sample-based explorations one stage further, the genre has already had a far reaching impact.

Upcoming British groups such as Summer Camp reflect the new techniques while adding a few new ideas of their own.

Now the chillwave name generator has been launched. Fancy grabbing a cool name for your new productions but don't know where to start? Well now a handy website has removed all the groundwork.

ClashMusic just gave it a go and found the following:

Luxx Tendons
Opal Touch
Wasted Siren
Smile Nothing
Barren Phobia
Haunted Sound

Try it for yourself HERE.

Meanwhile, ClashMusic recently caught up with Toro Y Moi on his recent British tour. Reflecting on the growth of chillwave and his own side projects, the quick Q&A uncovered a few of his future plans.

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