Canadian punks working on rock opera

Canadian hardcore types Fucked Up are working on a new concept album set in England.

Fucked Up aren't one for boundaries. Live, the band explode any divide between band and audience, throwing down some mean shapes to their careening, mind-expanding blend of hardcore punk.

Issuing a series of seven inch singles, Fucked Up are now planning to complete their new album. The Canadian band are working on a concept album, which features a young man in rural England.

'David Comes To Life' is already well under way. Speaking to Pitchfork, frontman Pink Eyes explained the recording process.

"The album is this rock opera. The record itself is only 16 songs, but there's also a companion 7" and a companion 12" and a compilation with bands that come from the fictitious town that we set the story in. We're working on 40 songs right now. It's crazy" he said.

"But I don't think there's going to be another time in our lives where we're going to have the opportunity to do something this ambitious. So we may as well try."

Continuing, the frontman revealed more about the back story behind the concept album. "It takes place in a fictitious English town, and it's about a guy, David, who works at a light bulb factory. He falls in love with this activist. She subsequently dies during an accident. You never really find out what the accident is because we couldn't think of it" he said.

"Then David's on trial. There's this prosecutor who was secretly in love with the activist but is also aware that he's in a play. Then it gets really heady and drugged-out."

Elsewhere, Pink Eyes has landed a high profile job on Canadian TV. Asked about his favourite broadcasters, the punk frontman unequivocally names John Peel as an enormous influence.

"John Peel, first and foremost. He was so excited about finding new bands and exposing people to them."

Amen, brother.

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