Full tracklisting unveiled...
Backyard Skulls

Frightened Rabbit have pencilled in a few more details of their upcoming EP 'Backyard Skulls'.

Frightened Rabbit are travelling at speed. Hitting the Top Ten with new album 'Pedestrian Verse' the band are plunging themselves into a whirlwind schedule of live shows - but it seems that their studio endeavours haven't quite been shelved.

New EP 'Backyard Skulls' drops on March 31st, with the title cut being drawn from their recent studio album. Here are the thoughts of Scott Hutchison: "This song takes the idea of skeletons in the closet a step further. It was inspired by a novel by the Scottish writer Chris Brookmyre, in which bodies are discovered using aerial photography. The song itself is one of the starkest contrasts between bright pop and darkness that we've ever written".

The final tracklisting includes a few surprises. If you pre-order the EP on iTunes then fans can receive the new track 'Norland Wind' - based on ‘Norland Wind (The Wild Geese)’, written in 1915 by Angus poet Violet Jacob the words were first set to music by folk singer Jim Reid.

In addition to this, 'Norland Wind' is also due to be released as a limited edition seven inch on Record Store Day.

'Backyard Skulls' is set to be released on March 31st.


1. Backyard Skulls
2. The Woodpile (Alternate Version)
3. Holy (Alternate Version)
4. Acts Of Man (Live at Glasgow Barrowlands)
5. Norland Wind [Pre-order exclusive]


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