Paul Epworth produced 'Kiss Of Life'

St Albans shoegaze troupe Friendly Fires are set to release their new single 'Kiss Of Life' over the summer.

Once a reviled music genre, shoegazing is now one of the hip trends in indie music. Popping its head out the office for a few seconds, ClashMusic can almost hear dozens of groups plugging in their flange pedals and playing along to Slowdive albums.

Friendly Fires were always ahead of the game. Old enough to have been dragged into the ungodly mess that was 'nu rave' the band peppered their live sets with covers of rave classics, bringing a euphoric atmosphere to their shows.

Releasing a single through Moshi Moshi the band gained press attention, eventually signing with former XL Recordings. A former rave powerhouse, Friendly Fires' recordings now sit alongside The Prodigy on the label's catalogue.

The band released their debut album last year. Self-titled, it spawned semi-hit 'Jump In The Pool' which was recorded with Paul Epworth. In an interview with ClashMusic drummer Jack Savidge revealed that the group were already preparing new material.

"The stuff we’ve done sounds typically kind of Friendly Fires. We would find it hard to make music you couldn’t dance to as it’s hardwired into us really... But the time thing is so difficult now, so we’re kind of looking forward to the time round the festivals when we’ve got more time. Sometimes we get time on the road, but often it’s just all work."

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Now it seems that Friendly Fires are ready to release new material with a new single in the works. 'Kiss Of Life' is set for release over the summer, and boasts a samba flavour.

"We plan to release it in August – all the rhythms are traditional samba rhythms," singer Ed MacFarlane told NME. "All our brass layers from our recent tour drum for the London School Of Samba, so they've been giving us some ideas."

In keeping with their new found love of samba style rhythms, Friendly Fires are set to tour South America. "Fingers crossed we're going to be doing Rio, Sao Paolo, Brasilia, Santiago and maybe somewhere else in Chile," he explained.

Friendly Fires are set to release their new single 'Kiss Of Life' later this summer.

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