Band Return Home For Final 08 Gig

Scottish pop-rockers The Fratellis are set to play their last show of their their current tour in Glasgow at the SECC venue on the 21st December .

The trio's Christmas gig will be the last of their current tour, and promises to see the band top another successful year in their home city in a riotous fashion. The band, who are also set to release a Christmas Single this year, which the band themselves have cited as sounding ''depressing'', adding that it was inspired by lonely people. " Speaking to the Daily Record, frontman John Fratelli added "It has a Christmas-sounding melody, with the most depressing sounding lyrics ever. I couldn't write a happy Christmas song".

The single, titled 'A Heady Tale', will be released on the 22nd December , tickets for the Glasgow gig available below.

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