Physical edition not coming out

Frank Ocean has decided to axe the physical instalment of last year's 'Nostalgia, Ultra' download.

Released last year, 'Nostalgia, Ultra' seemed to underline Frank Ocean's potency. Widely perceived as the member of Odd Future most likely to cross over, the singer's distorted take on R&B has won an enormous - mainly web oriented - fan base.

Expected to release a physical edition of the album this summer, 'Nostalgia, Lite' (as it has been termed) was anticipated to solidify Frank Ocean's place in the mainstream. Curiously, it won't now be released...

In a Tumblr posting Frank Ocean wrote: "‘NOSTALGIA, LITE.’ IS NEVER COMING OUT" before adding "Hahaha. What I look like a year later re-releasing my last album? Not icey. Bitch I’m icey."

Later Frank Ocean wrote: "ONLY SAYING THAT FOR MY JOURNALIST/BLOGGER FRIENDS" while finishing: "i know my icey-ness is obvious".

Fortunately, fans can content themselves with two Frank Ocean spots on the new Odd Future release 'OF Tape Vol. 2'. Check out the lyrics for 'White' below:

could this be light?
does this mean everything’s going to be alright?
one look out my window theres trees talking like people.
i dreamt of storms, i dreamt of sound
i dreamt of gravity, keeping us around
i slept in the darkness it was lonely
& it was silent.
& what is this love?
i don’t feel the same, i dont believe what this is could be given a name.
i woke you were there tracing planets on my forehead…
but i’ll forget 23, like i’ll forget 17
& i’ll forget my first love like you’ll forget a daydream.
& what of all my wild friends… and the times i’ve had with them?
we’ll all fade to grey soon on the tv station.

- - -

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