'Metropolis' appears online...
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Four Tet and RocketNumberNine have posted new collaboration 'Metropolis' online.

Kieren Hebden, it seems, is playing by his own rules. The producer is posting new material as and when he feels like it, unveiling the full length album 'Pink' via his own Text Records imprint last year.

Starting 2013 with a bang, Kieren Hebden recently confirmed plans for a collaborative 12 inch release with RocketNumberNine. Lead track 'Roseland' was unveiled earlier this month, a lengthy excursion which matched the group's dense, Krautrock inspired rhythms with experimental electronics from Four Tet.

Now the producer has posted the flip. 'Metropolis' is by far the more linear of the two recordings, with RocketNumberNine buoyed by an inescapably funky rhythm. Another lengthy dialogue between Four Tet and RocketNumberNine, 'Metropolis' was seemingly recorded live as a single take with no edits. Completing the triumvirate, Floating Points seemingly sits in on production.

Listen to 'Metropolis' below.

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Text is set to release 'Roseland' / 'Metropolis' shortly.


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