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Caramel Arms

Forest are set to return with new EP 'Caramel Arms' later this year.

Indie and electronic music seem to be diverging. Whilst dance producers still strive to attain perfection, a new breed of guitar band is rejoicing in mistakes, relishing flaws.

Torn and tattered DIY rock with a melodic flair, Forest's debut EP 'Sweetcure' caused an enormous buzz on its release earlier this year. Since then, the band have played countless shows, before returning to the studio to hone their craft.

New EP 'Caramel Arms' is set to be released on October 14th, with Indie Label stepping in to show support. It's a step forward for the band - one that finds Forest refining their songwriting whilst also embracing imperfection.

"It's a false idea that every song 'should' be crystal clear" explains singer Harry Barraclough. "That's just one idea on how to create a mood. I remember George Martin, The Beatles producer saying that you really don't have to try and replicate the real life sound of what you're recording; you sort of paint a new image that's potentially more evocative... in the same way impressionist or abstract art can be more powerful than a perfect piece of fine art that looks just like a photo. I hope the pendulum swings back soon, otherwise everything might become soullessly perfect."

New track 'Coaster' indicates there their head is at. Guitars that fuzz and whizz with a rare electricity, the vocals are submerged in fog yet seem to ring more clearly than ever.

Listen to it below.

'Caramel Arms' is set to be released on October 14th.

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